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We are the only Hemp product that is triple-tested.

#1 Test Results
Initial potency and Pesticides test by Hammer.

#2 Test Results
Third Party Verification of Hammer we take a random sample and retest at an independent lab (Marin Analytics) checks Hammers results.

#3 Test Results & Sustainability Results
Consistency In 3 months we take a random and rested with independent lab.

Patented Extraction Preserves Natural Medicinal Properties of CBDA

Alta Hemp Botanicals uses a patented extraction process that preserves the raw natural medicinal properties of plants.

Our unique process allows the natural (acidic) cannabinoids to remain biologically active when being used internally (sublingually-orally) as well as externally (topically) making Alta Hemp Botanicals a superior source for the anti-inflammatory CBDA. 1

Our CBDA is 100 times more effective than CBD. And when taken orally. offers positive healing properties to your digestive tract. 

1. Source: Patent US8445034 - https://patents.google.com/patent/US8445034?oq=cannabis