Yes, I am happy to report that my sleep has improved quite a lot. I am using Insomnia Relief infrequently now, only when I travel and or am having a very rough night. I mostly rely on Anxiety Relief during the night when hot flashes wake me up. And I find that I am able to fall back asleep pretty quickly.

I still use 1/2 dropper of both Anxiety Relief and Pain Relief about every 3 hours throughout my waking hours, and that is quite effective for managing pain, anxiety and hot flashes.
— Sonya
Wow. I slept for 8 hours the other night with no memory of sleep. I hadn’t slept for 8 hours in many, many years. Like ten years. Also, I have that feeling in my bones of having slept, rather than bolting upright after a few hours full of adrenalin.
— Michael, May 21, 2015
Last night I medicated just before laying down for bed at 11:00 pm. I only woke up once at 5:00 am and after getting up to pee I fell back to sleep with no problem. The last time I slept 6 continuous hours I was probably drunk.
— Joe G, May 22, 2015
Why can’t pain management for cancer be this way? Why can’t end of life with cancer be this way–Peaceful, lucid and pain free? Does it have to be so pharmaceutically controlled? What if there WAS another way? Was my father an enigma in his peaceful, pain free, lucid passing? Or was he a messenger of another way? Jerry Reilly (my father) was the first end–stage cancer patient on record to use the Alta California Botanicals high CBD tincture and THCA. The tinctures were successful for complete pain control.
— Sarah Reilly, November 25, 2013
On June 20, 2013 at 1:00 pm in the afternoon, we gave Brooke her first dose of Alta-California Botanicals “Pain Relief”… Together with the CBD Hemp oil and THCA, we were seeing huge success with controlling our daughter’s seizures and mood! Our daughter was not seizing on a daily basis, not even weekly… . It was during this time that her seizures were dramatically disappearing, and we were seeing our daughter how she was before the seizures started.
— Tiffany Sergant, Brooks mom, November 11, 2013
After 11 surgeries my wife has been left all but crippled and in a wheel chair. She has been on every pain med known… We tried several collectives and really didn’t get very good advice and she had some very bad experiences until I read about Alta in a magazine and learned you had an 80% CBD tincture. What a godsend.
Of course it doesn’t make her 100% better – nothing probably ever will. But it relieves the depression, eases the pain, and actually does have anti inflammatory effects (something I was skeptical about) and still leaves her completely lucid and awake. Thank you for understanding that there are people like my wife who want maximum medicinal and minimal psychoactive effect.
— Larry Loban, November 27, 2013
My entire adult life I have had lower back issues, both arthritic-type pain as well as severe spasms.
… a staff member at Magnolia told me about your tinctures, and they are nothing short of amazing. My muscle spasms are at an all time low and the pain is very manageable. It feels like I am making progress when I stretch, now, instead of just keeping up the fight. I dare say that I am actually healing!
— Name Withheld, November 27, 2013
[Alta’s products] are a life saver for me and I really hate the idea of not having a quality working tincture. Alta is a great product that helps my acute nausea better than any other product. Thank you for your reply to this urgent matter.
— Name Withheld, November 27, 2013
CBD Science has scientifically tested the efficiency of its process, and it has set up standards and procedures to produce safe, consistent and potent Cannabis Based Medicinal Extracts. They are setting the standard for organic Cannabis Based Medicinal Extracts with their Alta California brand.
— Wilson Linker Steep Hill Labs, November 27, 2013